Research Grants

In certain instances, Abiomed will provide support for scientific or medical-related research to non-profit, charitable research institutions, including hospitals, universities and medical schools, in the form of research grants to support specified legitimate independent medical research activities that have scientific or clinical merit related to Abiomed Products or in disease state areas where Abiomed has an interest in supporting important research.  Any such research grant made by Abiomed will only be given to the non-profit charitable research institution itself (and not to a specific individual or clinical department), by providing the grant to the department or office of the institution that is authorized to accept charitable donations.  In no instance will Abiomed provide research grants directly to a Healthcare Professional that is an individual or a physician practice, or provide grants that may be designated to support the research of a specific individual Healthcare Professional or physician practice.  Abiomed will never provide research grants in exchange for purchasing, referring or using Abiomed Products or Abiomed Services or to reward the past use or purchase of Abiomed Products or Abiomed Services.

It is Abiomed’s policy to only support research grants to non-profit charitable research institutions, which are made solely to support specified genuine medical research with a bona fide medical purpose, which has defined goals, objectives and milestones. All Abiomed -supported research grants will be documented in a written agreement between Abiomed and the grant recipient.

All applications for a research grant are considered individually and are subject to available funding, compliance with local, state and federal law, and the needs, mission and goals of Abiomed.  To apply for a research grant today, complete and submit a Research Grant Request Form by clicking here.


Questions on Grant Requests

If you have any general questions regarding Abiomed grants, please contact: